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Shared values


« Primum non nocere »
First do not harm



Patients and Doctors Driven

We work together to put patients as well as doctors first. At Hexacath everyone is focused on helping our end users to improve the quality of lives of patients. We ensure that we all understand the patients situations so we can work together with physicians to better address their needs and treat cardio-vascular pathologies with our products.


We champion excellence and we are not afraid to challenge the status quo and established therapies if our technologies can better serve the patients and the medical community. We have creative minds and are technology driven to always deliver higher quality products to our customers with two ultimate goals: improving the quality of life of patients and changing the future of medical therapies.

Envinronmentally Oriented

At Hexacath we have always been committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business operations even though there are not considered to affect the environment. We are already dealing with companies that have set policies with regards to the environment. For instance, 100% of all our suppliers in terms of packaging are certified Imprim’Vert.


Few examples of our past actions dedicated towards environment include the reduction of our packaging size by 33% for our coronary stents and by 25% for the vascular stents. We have replaced our packaging material by recyclable cardboard as soon as 2012. We have used thinner paper to print our instruction for use booklets translating in 22% reduction in terms of waste. We have managed to reduce the number of pages of all our instruction for use by 25%. We believe these steps will contribute to reduce the waste and carbon footprint our products are generating and should participate favorably to a better environment.


At last, our company is working with external agencies and consultants in order to help Hexacath improving its environmental policy. Hexacath and its staff are committed to continue improving our environmental performance and to integrate recognized applicable best practice into our business operations.

Accessible and Easy to Talk to

We are easy to work with and give our customers the access to a wide platform of technologies and modern high-tech equipments in the field orf cardio-vascular therapies. This includes skilled technical (Engineers, pharmacists, clinicians) and customers support (Sales Representatives). Hexacath employees also collaborate across departments, offices locations and various subsidiaries in 15 countries to share best practices to work more efficiently.


We are transparent, open and always keep our promises. We are honest and direct with our customers and partners and always seek solutions to compensate potential difficult situations that may sometimes happen in the life of a company. An open dialogue between employees and executives is the cornerstone of trust and ensures a shared understanding of our goals and expectations.

Swift, Agile and International

We sollicit customer feedbacks every year via Quality and Service surveys about our products. We implement the best proposals to ensure Hexacath products are delivered the most efficient way. We steadily year after year open new offices and new countries, either with direct organisations or with exclusive distributors, to ensure that patients and doctors around the world may have access to our products and technologies.


While Hexacath is expanding and present in more and more countries, the company is willing to develop itself within a sustainable responsible business. This is why a Corporate Social Responsibility mindset has led the company to re-think its packaging to reduce volumes and minimize the carbon emission during shipping. The company has invested into new recyclable cardboard packagings for its entire range of products.