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Clinical studies

Since 2001, the Hexacath clinical programme has enrolled thousands of patients internationally and has established the proven efficacy and safety of the Titanium Nitride Oxide coated stents in various population subsets such as Acute Coronary Syndrome patients, small vessels or diabetics. In the complex indication of ACS (Acute Myocardial Infarction with ST elevation and without ST elevation) several randomized studies have demonstrated the superiority of this technology versus the first generation DES (TiTAX-AMI Randomized Controlled Trial) and its non-inferiority versus the most recent DES generations (BASE-ACS Randomized Controlled Trial) with significantly higher safety at 18 months after implantation. Indeed the latest randomized study TiDES-ACS trial has demonstrated the SUPERIORITY of the Ti-NO Bio Active Stent technology versus the best-in-class everolimus drug eluting stent. At last, Titanium Nitride Oxide Bio Active Stents require only a short term dual anti platelet treatment post stenting as contrary to current drug eluting stent technologies impeding the cells proliferation and therefore the healing process post stenting, the Ti-NO compound is favouring the healing process.



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