Mistral NC

PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Non Compliant Balloon Material


  • High-pressure capability
  • Controlled diameter expansion
  • Specifically designed for calcified or fibrotic highly resistant lesions as well as for stent post dilatation

2.01F PTFE Coated Hypotube

  • Maximised push
  • Allows easier access to distal vessels
  • Short inflation / deflation times


Balloon Folding

  • High tech folding process with only 3 folds to minimize balloon profile

Low Profile Balloon


  • Outstanding crossing performance in tight lesions as well as in implanted stents

Hydrophilic Coating

  • Hydrophilic-coated balloon and distal shaft to ease balloon access to distal lesions and minimize frictions when crossing a stent platform

Optimized Balloon Shoulders


  • Effective post dilatation with focal stent expansion
  • Avoids balloon expansion outside the stent and/or the lesion

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