Mistral SC

PTCA Dilatation Catheter

Mistral SC Features


  • New 2.01F PTFE Coated Hypotube. The new Mistral coated hypotube provides both increased pushability and reduced frictions.

Innovative Folding Technology


  • Cutting-edge Folding Process making balloon folds virtually invisible thus minimizing profile to very low levels

Mistral NANO


  • To further increase navigability inside the arteries and therefore expand the frontier in conventional balloons in terms of crossability

Hydrophilic coating

  • Balloon and distal shaft are hydrophilic coated to minimize frictions and to provide superior gliding even in calcified and very tight lesions

New Ultra Thin Tip (0.50 mm)

  • Among the smallest TIP profile available allowing crossability in all circumstances
  • Bright yellow color to ensure good visibility during guide wire introduction

New Spiroidal Transition Technology Hypotube

  • Allows better and smoother torque with enhanced control during complex procedure.


Mistral New Spiroidal Transitionhypotube_spirale

Conventional Tapered Transitiontransition_biseau

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