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Multipurpose infusion catheter

RayFlow Features

Coronary continuous performed with the RayFlow™ catheter allows direct quantitative assessment of microvascular function by measuring coronary flow and microvascular resistances.

Used in combination with a temperature/pressure wire this new technology allows to explore new horizons in interventional cardiology and open the doors of several potential new applications such as:

  • Measuring the effect of medication on microcirculation
  • Assessing the microvascular implications of risk factors and heart disease
  • Evaluating the clinical impact of impaired microcirculation

 The RayFlow™ catheter also allows to inject saline or medication in the vasculature.


RayFlow Specifications

Multipurpose RX infusion catheter with double lumen.

What do we need to calculate the absolute myocardial flow (Q) and absolute myocardial resistance (R)?

RayFlow and Coronary Flow

The Rayflow™ catheter measures the coronary flow and microvascular resistance in a reproducible way.

  • Start the thermodilution procedure as an FFR measurement
  • Flush the RayFlow™ catheter with saline at room temperature
  • The RayFlow™ rapid exchange catheter can be advanced in the proximal part of the artery
  • Make sure the console is in the temperature mode
  • Start infusing saline at room temperature at a flow rate of 15 to 20 ml/min


Measurement of Absolute Coronary Blood Flow and Myocardial Resistance.
Demonstration from Catharina Hospital Eindhoven with Prof Nico Pijls using PressureWire, RayFlow Catheter and Coroventis software to measure Absolute Coronary Blood Flow and Myocardial Resistance.

Ordering Information

  • Rapid-Exchange (RX)
  • Compatibility 5F
  • Reference: RFW61S

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