Key Findings at 60 months follow up

Study results confirmed a slight difference (p=NS) in the rate of MACE favoring the TiNO coated stent (11.2%) versus the biodegradable polymer EES (12%) and maintained significant difference (6.8% vs. 10%, p=0.03) in favor of the TiNO coated stent in the co-primary composite outcome of Safety.  

Significant reductions in Cardiac death (0.9% vs. 3%, p=0.005), MI (4.6% vs. 7%, p=0.049) and stent thrombosis (1.2% vs. 2.8%, p=0.03) in favor of the TiNO coated stent were also observed at 5 years. In addition, at 5 years as at 18 months alike, there was no significant difference in TLR (Target Lesion Revascularisation) between both groups confirming the long-term efficacy of the TiNO bioactive coating.

MI at 60 months vs. 7.0% for Synergy™ (p = 0.049)

thrombosis at 60 months vs. 2.8% for Synergy™ (p = 0.03)

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